15 May

“The Caff” opening: it’s time to cut the red ribbon!

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As you know, spring is a period of inventions and experiments. Thus, we decided to surprise and interest all game fans with something absolutely innovative, original and creative.

4 April

«Cards: Twenty-one»: test your luck!

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Finally a new card game from Nravo is out. The famous heart-winning card game «Twenty-one» is now available on your mobile phone! The card battle among the remarkable gamblers promises to be bright and exciting; you’ll never guess the winner!

28 January

“Heroes”: 2 years in online gaming world!

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“Heroes”, one of the first games developed by our company, has just turned 2! So far the game counts 3,000,000 users and 11,000 online players daily are a clear evidence of our success and recognition.

22 January

Nravo at GameDev Conference 2013

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Our company actively supports game development in Ukraine. We consider it a special privilege and honor to be a title sponsor of such an important event as GameDev Conference 2013.

11 January

Nravo extends the boundaries. Meet us in Moscow!

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The success and growth of companies is often marked by expansion into new markets and gaining recognition in other countries. Our company is no exception. And we are pleased to announce the establishment of a new branch office in Moscow. The goal behind this decision is the development of company’s business in Russia.

6 December

Opera Top Apps Award 2012 is our new great achievement!

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You as our devoted game supporters will be delighted to learn this outstanding news. Our game War: Angels vs Demons has been awarded by Opera Top Apps Award 2012 in Gaming category! Out of 110 00 applications available on the Opera Mobile Store that is visited by over 50 million users monthly our game was one of the winners! Opera Top Apps

23 November

Get ready for Aquatics on Android!

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Our team is constantly working to make your gaming experience more interesting and convenient! This is why we’ve created a client version of your favorite game, Aquatics. If your phone supports Android operating system, go to Google Play right away and download it absolutely free!

14 November

Beta-testing of game “Racing: Redline” is now successfully completed!

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We would like to thank all those who have helped us to achieve this! As promised, all participants will be rewarded! And one more good news: the number of drivers is now unlimited!

13 November

We did it! Nravo games are on Android now!

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We have achieved our goal of thrilling our players by developing versions of our games especially for Android devices! Now everyone can find and download our games in “Google Play” – absolutely free.

7 November

The game “Pirates: Sea Dogs” is now in social network Odnoklassniki!

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Never rest on your laurels and always strive to achieve new heights – that’s our motto. Now, our players need not choose between social networking and online gaming. “Pirates: Sea Dogs” is already on the gaming list!

30 October

The break-out game “Pirates: Sea Dogs” seizes the hearts of the gaming online world!

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Real pirates fear neither torrid heat nor bitter frost! Prove that you are truly among the ranks of these daredevils, and set out this fall in the online mobile game “Pirates: Sea Dogs”. Here you can perform exciting quests, set out on dangerous expeditions, and acquire and upgrade fine sailing vessels – even play
fascinating mini-games, and much more!

25 October

Mobile “Heroes” reaches “Google Play”!

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The online mobile game “Heroes” is poised to win the hearts and minds of new players due to the launch of Android game version. From now on, the game “Heroes” will be available in the “Google Play” store – and you can download it absolutely free!

Also available in
24 October

Start your engines! The game “Racing: Redline” is online!

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You’ve approached the starting line, so be ready to beat everyone, who dares challenge you on the roads of the new game “Racing: Redline”! Modern cars, perilous turns, challenging quests, and the rush of adrenaline await all along the way to that fateful finish line!

3 October

Heads up! Aquatics: underwater world of gaming online!

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The days are becoming shorter and colder. The sun hides behind the clouds, and the leaves are changing their color. It’s autumn outside and even colder days are yet to come. However, our company has found a way to bring summer back. It's all thanks to an exciting new mobile online game called Aquatics! The game will lighten the skies, as it opens up the sea and its mysterious depths! Come, admire this cheerful and colorful game for mobile phones, and get ready to settle in and do some underwater Reef farming!

27 September

“Fool” is now on your mobile!

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The long-awaited online game Fool is finally available! Match your wits and nerve against players around the world, or hone your skills in single-player. Enjoy the beautiful design of the game, as you enter a gambling extravaganza. We have done our best to make the Fool a true favorite!