Experience a real sensation – a hidden underwater civilization! The giant mysterious Reef may seem abandoned and remote, but in fact it is teeming with activity! Ancient ruins, sunken ships, hidden treasures… These exciting settings make the underwater world even more colorful and interesting!


Are you prepared for your descent to the sea floor? Plunge in and create your own little world on the Reef! Grow marine plants, breed various kinds of fish and gather a fortune! Join the fun, and enjoy adventurous expeditions and cheerful talk with your friends.


The line between holidays and weekdays becomes a little blurry under water! Here you will really live and have fun – whether you’re work hard on your slice of the ocean, or merely admiring the beautiful seascape! Hurry, the mermen and mermaids are looking forward to meeting you!


  • handle an amazing variety of fish and seaweed;
  • enjoy wild adventures on the Reef of Luck;
  • engage in fascinating quests and receive great rewards;
  • possibility to form the clans;
  • variety of pets aimed to guard your farm ;
  • feast your eyes on a beautiful world.