Dragons. Place of Power

Do you seek fame? Wealth? Power? Whatever your answer, it may not be so easy… You shall have to overcome many obstacles, travel thousands of miles, aid the helpless on your way, and take vengeance upon the enemy. Only then may you achieve your goal. But throughout it all, remember – there is no way back. The dragons will never forget.
On your travels you will often spend the night in the open, by the campfire, travelling between towns. Under your guard you keep a precious friend – a tamed dragon that will faithfully fight with you to the bitter end. Join your friends to destroy the undead hordes, for you will not be able to conquer them alone! Unite in guilds and vie for resources, glory and respect.


Arise, mortal! Take your sword, brush the dust from your armor, fill your flask with water, and set out upon your journey. From this moment there is no return to your former life. Be strong in spirit, and just in your actions! Do this, and you shall succeed in becoming the master of dragons…


  • a unique town system: teleport through portals, various buildings and equipment you can use in your quests;
  • face over 15 kinds of monsters;
  • enjoy an improved resource-gathering system;
  • additional options for your pet: unique equipment, and a more realistic picture of the battle.