Farm. Battle for the Harvest

Immerse yourself in an amazing world where elves ride tractors and orcs potter about the garden! Grow magical plants, protect your village from giant insects, hunt ferocious Gnolls and, of course, find friends! Enjoy the best online farm game for mobile phones!
Weeds in your flower beds never escape your notice and planting and watering carry you away! But you’re no simple farmer! You don’t just grow crops, but plunge into a world of wonder! Take part in the battles, win prizes and receive presents!



Improve your attributes until your hero is the toughest character in the game, and buy all you need from the market! Make new friends and enjoy interesting encounters. Many charming and hilarious characters await!


  • grow a wide variety of plants over a full cycle of growth – from seed to harvest;
  • face a huge number of enemies, and hone your combat skills;
  • enjoy an infinite number of hilarious and intriguing quests;
  • explore numerous colorful locations which promise a truly interesting life on the farm.