Fool Card Game

Popular in traveling Japanese carnivals, this simple but clever game has won millions of fans.It features a 36 card pack, a well-established gaming tradition — and no language or age barriers: «Each player understands the others from the very first lead!»


The game Fool is available online on mobile phones now! But be warned that this game, despite its name, does not brook fools: it rewards smart and artful opponents, risk takers, and a startling display of gambling skills.


Skill is essential, but still good fortune plays first fiddle. Do not miss a chance to win its favor! Start playing now!


  • exciting card games with computer players;
  • play online with other players;
  • play in pairs to feel more team spirit;
  • possibility to form teams and take part in card tournaments;
  • send and receive nice gifts from your friends;
  • when luck fails, someone could give you a head start!