A great many people dream of performing heroic deeds. Opportunity knocks…but few can hear its call. You are among the fortunate few.


Prove your mettle in the battles, increase in strength and improve your skills, win glory and fame, sail forth and go on raids, and join in a bitter struggle against monsters and beasts!


For you, a way into the world of the brave and desperate warriors lies open!

Forge friendships and alliances, take on dangerous missions – all this and more awaits you in the world of Heroes! This world has its own honor code. The main rule –fight to the bitter end! It is time to begin: take up your weapon and become a true Hero!


  • сomplete the tasks and get great rewards;
  • meet monsters, cruel orcs, and bloodthirsty dragons in dangerous battles;
  • form guilds and brotherhoods and find like-minded friends;
  • engage in massive battles between guilds and grandiose sea fights;
  • breathtaking battles against the army of mercenaries and Lord of the Spirits