Pirates: Sea Dogs

- Ahoy, Captain! There’s a Spanish ship on the horizon!
- Full sails! Ahead full! Set to and grapple that ship!
… This is no dream, but a brief fragment of the exciting new game “Pirates: Sea Dogs”.


Here you can acquire and rig your own ship, equip it with weapons, and hire a loyal crew. As a true Terror of the high seas, you can do anything you wish – plunder merchant ships, set out on thrilling expeditions, search for treasure, battle sea monsters, repel the Spanish Navy, and build up and develop your crew!


Do you want more? It all depends on you! There is always a choice. Will you join forces with the Strongest or form your own pirate gang to range the seas together? Or will you remain the lone but unconquerable wolf? No matter what you choose, an unforgettable experience awaits you!


  • completely new design and graphics;
  • lots of challenging quests from the Governor;
  • heated boarding struggles;
  • adventures in the wide and open sea and battle with monsters;
  • Tortuga defense from the tenacious Spaniards;
  • incredible battles between the brotherhoods;
  • search for treasure and the Legendary Dreadnought.