Racing: Redline

«The risk. The speed. All eyes on the starting line as the lights go green. We all live on the edge, but few have tasted the life which lies beyond it. A life of danger and uncertainty: will you gain the lead, or you will have to start again from the very beginning? It happened to me once. I know the taste of victory. , I know how it feels to drive a car that doesn’t run but fly. And I know what it means to lose …»


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Are you ready to play for high stakes? For fame, glory, riches, and to prove your skill behind the wheel? Congratulations – you’ve reached the Redline! Today you take your place behind the wheel. The time has come to think strategy.



How will you win the race, and reach first place in a critical tournament. You must work hard on each task, and earn money to build up your car. With your enthusiasm, you can turn your street-legal monster into a real rocket on wheels! Racing isn’t just a hobby, or even a career— it’s a way of life. Ready, Steady, GO!


  • drive a wide variety of modern cars;
  • upgrade and pimp your car;
  • race in important tournaments to prove yourself among the best racers in the world;
  • possibility to form unions;
  • complete quests to prove your speed and your mastery of your vehicle.