The Caff

If you want to become the best chef of the city, it is not enough just to write out the recipes from an old cookbook and be able to distinguish cardamon from coriander! Open up a café, pull a con game on your cunning business rivals, stand the test of serving a crowd full of fretful visitors, and rise to the highest level of excellence!


Seduce regular visitors by becoming an expert in the food weaknesses of hearty eaters. Wait on your guests politely and with a smile and be careful filling the orders. Get the highest ratings from happy customers and collect prestigious rewards!


Maestro of the frying pan, the wizard of kitchenware,cooking master – earn this long-desired online title. Make new recipes, surprise the city folk with food masterpieces and create your own formula for success by playing the best mobile cooking game – The Caff!


  • variety of products and recipes;
  • plenty of customers with interesting characters and specific food preferences;
  • opportunity to design the interior of the café according to your own taste;
  • chance to develop your business and move your café to a more prestigious area of the city;
  • forming cafés chains and holding culinary competitions;
  • office buildings construction for café chains and hire managers;
  • breathtaking schedules – a trial for any skilled chef.