Viking Kings

Do you thirst for easy money? Then you are already on your way to proving your mettle. A Viking’s courage is in your blood! Only one thing remains. Take the plunge into a word of dangerous battles, and travel to the time when all problems could be solved with the stroke of a poleaxe!

The Vikings’ world – a world filled with adventure and excitement which will take you over the edge! You can’t sit idly — and this is truly terrible news for the enemies! Now is the time to set out on raids and enter the fray! Don’t lose a single moment!


The first to attack has the upper hand! Here you will learn the wisdom of the ancients and discover many interesting quests! Communicate with other warriors and enjoy steady progress, which ensures new features and capabilities each level! Strive to be the best, fight with all your heart, and drink deeply of the pleasures of life!


  • complete a wide variety of tasks and enjoy rich rewards;
  • enter dangerous battles against the monsters, cruel orcs, and bloodthirsty dragons;
  • encounter the witch and acquaint yourself with black magic;
  • make friends, and form guilds and brotherhoods;
  • engage in massive battles between guilds and grandiose sea fights;
  • .compete in fierce battles against the army of mercenaries and Lord of the Fallen