War: Angels vs Demons

Do you really think the city streets are empty at night? Whoever told you that was wrong, or was simply unable to see what your own eyes tell you! The city never sleeps: another city lies beneath the surface, a strange world far removed from ordinary life. Here, the armies of light and darkness clash in deadly combat.


This war is no mere struggle between good and evil. Here, savage Demons inflict deadly agony, and lick their wounds in back alleys, while kind-hearted Angels hide sharpen their Sais and Quilons on the razor-fine feathers of their wings. This is a world of chaos, and offers the most large-scale battles ever conceived!


Are you itching to break the rules? Very well, but it’s not that simple. In order to become the best, you will have to prove your service, carry out important missions, and also to find a common bond with your fellow warriors.
Do you seek adventure? Are you prepared to assume the risks? Then come! Decide your fate in the war of Angels vs. Demons!


  • choose the side which reflects your attitude, be it Angels or Demons;
  • engage in the most large-scale battles in the history of online games;
  • ranking system and unforgettable tournaments for the warriors of Darkness and Light;
  • complete many important missions;
  • enter dangerous mystical battles withzombies and werewolves;
  • possibility to form parties to fight against the enemy.