There are millions of words in the world. You use them to compose stories, business plans… And still you can form smaller words out of the big ones. Prove that you know more than others. Compose words and reach the top of the brainies.

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Studies suggest that vocabulary development is directly related to the level of your intelligence. Game “Words” expands vocabulary as well as accelerates the speed of thought and reaction. In the end, by playing you will essentially improve your skills.
You will be surprised with the amount of words you know! Form complex and simple words, take the intellectual challenges and train your brain. Reveal your knowledge to the world! It’s trendy to be smart!

Game Features

  • - Free Mode;
  • - Blitz Mode;
  • - Rival Mode;
  • - Ranking;
  • - Profile with the stats and medals;
  • - Profile Personalization;
  • - Shop;

Play with words – show off your intelligence!