Take your toddler on a virtual tour of the Carpathian Mountains. Discover who is hiding amongst the pine trees. Learn to count and recognise woodland creatures, while exploring this fun game. A shaggy dog and kindly Granddad Ivan with his funny sheep are expecting you!

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‘Who’s in the mountains?’ – is an interactive early learning game, suitable for kids ages one to three, voiced by children in Ukrainian. Playing ‘Who’s in the mountains?’ will help the toddlers answer questions quickly, use logic, recognise animals and birds and find out about their native country.

The game is interesting, captivating and well conceived. It is not only easy to play, but also able to fall asleep when you need it to. Parents can control the length of the game using the ‘parental control’ function. The jolly creatures will go to bed, and your toddler won’t be upset that the game is over.

‘Who’s in the mountains’ is the best choice for those who:

  • want to introduce their toddler to the natural environment;
  • are looking for the latest child development ideas;
  • would like the child to ‘learn and play’;
  • see learning as a dialogue between mother and child;
  • want their child to learn from engaging animation;
  • would like to use easy to understand Ukrainian cultural early learning methods.