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Today a Ukrainian version of an early learning game ‘Who’s in the mountains?’ for Android and iOS came out. This new game was created by Nravo as part of Nravo Kids project. A free app may be downloaded from Google Play, App Store and Amazon. The game is suitable for toddlers between the ages of one and three, and looks like a conversation between a mother and a child. The plot involves travelling in the mountains and meeting the locals, such as Hutsul Grandad Ivan and his domestic animals.
Even the tiniest users will find the game functions really simple and accessible. At the same time, its jolly animation and touch-sensitive characters make the game attractive for older children. In addition, the game graphics and its functionality have been tested by several dozen children in Lviv pre-school settings, as well as by volunteer beta-testers, who participate in Nravo Community on social networks.
One of the useful new features, introduced by Nravo Kids team, is the time set up function at the start of the game. When the set time runs out, the game ‘goes to sleep’: it is night time and the characters go to bed. In this way the developers aim to help parents in controlling the length of the game by finding an instinctive way of explaining to a young child why it is time to put the tablet or the phone away.

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